Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers offer convenience perfectly suited to the 21st century, allowing you to spend your time relaxing instead of scrubbing at pots and pans. But if your dishwasher starts to fail then this convenient solution can become entirely inconvenient! It is at this time that a dishwasher repair company can step in to help!


A good appliance repair company should be able to provide professional dishwasher servicing and be able to fix a variety of issues including drainage problems and wash cycle issues. This will help ensure your dishwasher remains in good working order.


A quality dishwasher technician should be able to spot your problem quickly and efficiently and supply you with a reliable and long-lasting repair. They should also offer routine servicing and maintenance to you which will extend the lifespan of your dishwasher.


Common Dishwasher Issues that Need Repairing

Keep an eye out for the following dishwasher problems, as they are signs your dishwasher is underperforming and in need of repair.


Cloudy Glassware. A good dishwasher should leave your glassware clean and sparkling, however, user errors such as poor rinsing before loading or the use of hard water without a softener can all cause your glassware to come out cloudy. To fix this issue you should seek the advice of an expert technician.


Dishes Remain Dirty After a Cycle. This issue is often caused by either a burnt-out heating element, blockages in the spray armholes, or wear to the wash impeller or pump assembly. An expert technician will be able to fix this for you.


A Humming Dishwasher. If your dishwasher hums before it turns off, then it is likely the motor is damaged or worn out and in need of replacing.


The Wash Cycles Run for a Long Time. If you notice your dishwasher runs or and extended period, then it is likely it is struggling to complete wash cycles. This is often down to a defective thermostat or a timer malfunction.


Water Doesn’t Fill up your Dishwasher. The main cause of water being unable to fill your dishwasher include a failed valve, timer malfunction, a defective overflow float switch, or issues with the water inlet solenoid.


Water Fails to Leave the Dishwasher. If the drain line becomes clogged or the drain solenoid or impeller becomes worn-out, then it is likely water will not drain from the dishwasher properly.


Leaky Dishwasher. Leakages are most commonly caused by the excessive use of soap in the machine. It can also be caused by a motor assembly leak or a worn-out spray arm, or even worn-out door gaskets.



Dishwasher components can often be replaced yourself, for an easy or affordable repair. However, if at any time you are confused as to what to do, remove your dishwasher and call a professional for testing. Once the testing has been done you can decide whether or not it is worth seeking repairs or to replace your dishwasher entirely.


When working on your dishwasher you’ll need to consider both the electrical and plumbing system it is connected to. Before undertaking work, you must ensure you have unplugged the unit and ensure that any power connected to it is switched off.


You should also make sure to remove the fuse from the circuit breaker as well as the water supply that connects to the dishwasher.


To Conclude

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