Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair


A broken freezer is a frustration that can take up your time and money. Therefore you should know how to troubleshoot problems with your freezer including; when it is too cool, when it stops running, why noises are heard, and when it has frosted up. Repairing these issues are easy and take less than 20 minutes


Common Signs of a Broken Freezer


Frost Build-up. When the defrost timer, thermostat or door gasket doesn’t work correctly, then frost build-up will occur in your freezer. To repair your freeze correctly you need to know more about these parts.


Strange Noises. Strange noises such as whining or whirring occur when problems with the fan blade or motor happen. Therefore you should learn how to inspect parts for issues.


Your Freezer Won’t Start. If you find your freezer fails to start then you should take a look at the thermostat, the start relay, and the start capacitor. You should know how to replace and test these parts to make sure you can repair your freezer.


The Freezer is Continuously Running. If your freezer won’t stop running then you need to test the thermostat as well as the timer and temperature control.


A freezer that is Too Cold.

If your freezer is running too cold, such as running below 0 degrees F, then you should check the status of the thermostat and the temperature control.


A freezer that is Too Warm. If your freezer isn’t cold, then you will need to investigate why. To discover why this is happened examine the thermostat, defrost timer, and user control.


Freezer Repair Issues


Your Freezer Produces Puddles

A leaky freezer can be caused by damage to the water supply line which is what provides the freezer with water. A freezer that is also of poor quality can also cause puddling issues. Freezers will naturally release water from melting ice and condensation. However, if this water is not dealt with properly, pudding can occur both inside and outside of your freezer.


You should first take a look at the water supply line and check if there are any leaks present at the inlet valve. You should also ensure that the compression nuts are tight.


If needed, replacement should be made of the copper pipes or plastic tubers of the freezer. This can be removed via the inlet and the saddle valve by releasing screws on the compression fittings.


If your freezer is poorly tilted, water can also spill out of the evaporation pan, leaving puddles on the floor. This is an easy fix and simply requires you to level out your freezer.

You should also make sure that the drainage tubes are clear. If there’s a blockage in the tubes then water can back up and flood out onto the floor. To access the tubes remove the cover panel and unplug them.


Certain freezers will need to be unscrewed from the floor panel before repairs can take place. If there is an ice build-up, you can use a hairdryer to melt this away and then soak up the water. You can then access and clean the drain hole, is this can be done by blowing hot air into the part.

Many tubes can work to clear the hole, an air compressor or tire pump makes a great solution too.


Your Freezer is Noisy

Freezer noises are typically caused by three parts: the compressor, condenser fan motor, and the evaporator fan motor. You can check this problem by opening the freezer door and listening if the noise is louder.


Almost all freezers have a condenser fan motor. To decide whether this part is making noise you’ll need to unscrew the back cover. It could be from either the compressor or the fan if it is the compressor the only solution is a new freezer.


If the sound is louder when the fridge is opened and not the freezer, then it is more likely that the evaporator fan is to blame. This is quite an easy fix and will just need to be replaced, It can be accessed by unscrewing the back cover panel.


In Conclusion

All appliances will need some level of repair or servicing within their lifespan. Luckily, freezer repair isn’t too difficult, if you know how a freezer works and the causes of the issues.

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