Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair


On hot summer days having a working ice maker is essential. If you notice an issue with your ice maker then you need to call a reliable appliance repair service. Call Dylan’s Appliance repair for the best appliance repair service in Bedford, TX.


Whether your ice maker is built into your fridge freezer or portable, so long as it is a well-known brand the friendly team at Dylan’s Appliance repair will be able to fix it, normally on the same day. Even if it is old or a more obscure model, we’ll be sure to work out what’s wrong and repair it promptly. Our expert technicians are fully-trained and experienced in appliance repair and take pride in all the work that they produce.


Why Has my Ice Maker Broken Down?


Ideally, your ice maker should keep a temperature of between 0-5 degrees (-18 Celsius). Any higher than this will mean that your ice maker isn’t working properly. There is a load of reasons as to why this can happen, and many more causes. In this article, we’ll look at the most common issues you might face.


Before you call an experienced repair professional, you should first do your investigations and assess if you need a professional for your repairs. If you have experience or the time to use trial and error, then this could be a great money-saving option, but in general, the expert team at Dylan’s Appliance Repair would advise against such DIY methods.


We say this because hiring an expert is more cost-effective, convenient, time-efficient, and most importantly safer than DIY methods. Repair technicians know exactly what they’re doing and will be adhering to safety protocols, with hazard awareness, and all precautions in places. Licensed technicians will also have a range of ideal tools for the job at hand, and will ensure their repairs extend the lifespan of your appliance. They’ll also be able to explain to you why the fault has occurred and what you can do to prevent it in the future.


Common Issues, Troubleshooting, and Repair


The Ice Maker isn’t Working


When the ice bin of the icemaker becomes full it controls arm shifts in position, which stops the ice-making process. However, if the control arm becomes stuck in the position or has accidentally been moved manually, then your ice maker simply won’t work.


Your icemaker may also not work if there is a clog in the waterline, as it will prevent the system from receiving the water needed to make the ice. The water inlet valve can also become clogged with debris and affect the water flow. The door switch which suspends the ice maker could also be faulty.


These issues are most commonly fixed by servicing, cleaning, or the installation of new parts.


Leaky Ice Maker

Your ice maker can also develop a leak either onto the floor or inside of the freezer. This is often caused by the alignment and level of the fridge. It can also be the supply line. To help fix this you should ensure that your fridge freezer or ice maker unit is level. If this doesn’t work, call Dylan’s Appliance Repair to troubleshoot the problem.


Problems with the Ice

If your ice maker struggles to eject ice, or has a strange color, or even tastes bad, then it is likely there is a problem with either the inlet valve, water filter, or supply line. There could also be a blockage in the dispenser mechanism.

If the ice is stuck in the maker then it is likely you have an issue with the ice mold heater, the eject motor, and its related circuitry, or the thermostat.


Considering Replacements


An ice maker that is well looked after should last for around 5 years without developing an issue. After this period, the potential for problems becomes more greatly increased, and you’ll need to consider a replacement.


No matter your ice maker problem, or your appliance repair needs, our friendly team is happy to help, simply give us a call!