Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair


Your refrigerate is an essential kitchen appliance, without it, food will go to waste, and its shelf life will be cut in half. Therefore, you need to ensure your refrigerator is regularly maintained which will ensure its lifespan is as long as possible.


If your fridge stops working correctly you need to take action quickly to prevent expensive food wastage. If you live in Bedford, TX, then Dylan’s Appliance Repair can respond to your need quickly. They are one of the most renowned appliance repair services in the area.


3 Important Reasons why a Fridge Repair Expert is Essential


If your fridge starts to go on the fritz and displays any of the symptoms listed below, then you need to call Dylan’s Appliance Repair.


Fridge Doesn’t Cool Properly

If the condenser coils and the door seals of your refrigerator are working properly, then it is likely that your problem is with the thermostat. Get in contact with us and we’ll check this for you as well as make any necessary repairs.


Moisture Around the Seals or Under the Fridge

If your fridge is leaking, then it is likely your door seal isn’t working right, or that the mullion heater has failed. This heater is a small device which is designed to counter condensation.


Weird Noises

If your fridge is making a weird noise, then it’s almost certain there’s an issue. A thumping sound will tell you the compressor isn’t working right, whereas a squealing sound is down to the freezer fan.


There are other signs and symptoms of refrigerator faults, but these are the most common.


How to Choose the Right Appliance Repair Service

The health of your refrigerator or other appliances relies upon the quality of the repair professional you choose, so you must make the right choice. Here are some of the most important qualities you should look for when making your decision.


Licenses and Certifications

Refrigerators are quite complicated devices and because of this you need to select a repair service that understands the ins and outs of a fridge, and also has the necessary documentation to back this up. Without this, there is a high chance the ‘professional’ you hire will do more harm than good!

Your fridge contains ‘refrigerants’ to keep your good fresh, but if these are treated incorrectly then they can be harmful. Therefore all repair persons need to have EPA certifications to ensure that they know how to handle these substances, so check that your technician has these.

The expert technicians at Dylan’s Appliance Repair are completely licensed, well-trained, and keep all certifications up to date.



You want to make sure that the servicing company you choose has years of experience. This will help ensure the company knows what they are doing, and also gives you a chance to discover any negative reviews from previous customers. The skills accumulated by a company over some time will also benefit you and your appliance in need of repair.

Dylan’s Appliance Repair has been servicing the Bedford area of Texas for years and is well-known as one of the best appliance repair services in the area.


Reviews from Customers

It is important to study reviews online on the work your company of choice has completed previously. This will give you a great idea of the quality of work undertaken by the technicians. This can help confirm whether or not the repair service is reputable and worth paying for.


Our website has a variety of great testimonials and reviews, allowing you to rest easy knowing that we will service your refrigerator properly.


Speak to Dylan’s Appliance Repair in Bedford, TX

As an experienced refrigerator repair company, we are passionate about restoring your appliances to their peak condition. We have three principles we keep in mind with every job we complete:

  • Professional Service
  • Reliability you can Trust
  • Value for Money

We are driven to offer all our customers top-notch repairs and servicing. We guarantee to offer you the best value for money around, and we offer competitive rates and high-quality repairs. We are 100% committed to customer care and will always go the extra mile to ensure you are happy.


With this in mind, if your fridge is on the fritz, call us as soon as possible!