Washer / Dryer Repair

Washing Machine and Dryer Repair


A washing machine is essential for making sure your clothes are clean and sanitary. The machine works in several ways, spinning to wring out clothes of water and stirring them in a drum to clean them. It works with four cycles, filling, washing, draining, and spinning. These four cycles mean that washing machine failure is likely, with repairs ranging from the simple which can be fixed at home, and the complex which will need the help of a technician from a specialist repair company.


Before you undertake any work you need to unplug your washing machine, as well as empty it. You should make sure you have diagnosed where the issue might lie before digging into DIY.

With a little common knowledge, you can figure out what may be wrong with your machine and can start to work out the parts which are at fault.


The 12 Most Common Problems


  1. Noises

Washing machines will always produce some noise, but if you hear a squealing or a rattle then you may have an issue with the belt, motor pump, or bearings. Pay attention to the specific noises your machine is making, as this will help you to know what is wrong. Around 27% of washing machine owners have this issue.


  1. Leaks

A worn pump, damaged door seals, or a faulty inlet valve can all make your washing machine leak. Typically these parts will need replacement or service to fix the issue, as the damage is the most likely cause. Around 25% of washing machine owners have this issue.


  1. Your Machine Won’t Start

A machine that doesn’t start is usually caused by a failure in thermal fuses, electronic controls, or door latch switches. Study these culprits to figure out if these are to blame for your problem. Around 17% of washing machine owners experience these issues.


  1. The Machine Won’t Agitate

Lack of agitation is usually caused the coupler, the agitator cogs or the transmission or drive belt. Inspect these parts or call a professional repair service to result in this issue. This issue is experienced by around 9% of washing machine owners.


  1. Timer Issues

Issues with your washing machine timer are usually down to faults with the timer motor, the lid switch, the drain pump, or the water level control. This issue is experienced by around 4% of washing machine owners.


  1. Pumping But Not Spinning

This is often caused by the direct-drive motor, the wax motor, or the door lock. This issue usually requires servicing or replacement parts. This issue is less reported, with only 3% of customers reporting this problem.


  1. Your Machine Shakes or Moves

Whilst a washing machine should vibrate, it shouldn’t shake or move. This problem is caused by bad tub dampening straps, shock absorbers, and leveling legs. This issue is also experienced by around 3% of washing machine owners.


  1. Machine Doesn’t Fill with Water

This problem is caused by one of the inlet hoses or the lid switch. If these aren’t working properly then your washing machine won’t fill with water. This issue is only experienced by around 2% of people.


  1. Burning Smell

A worrying sign a burning spell is typically caused by one of the many pulleys and belts which power your washing machine. This is a job which will require a technician and is experienced by only 1% of customers.


  1. Machine Constantly Fills with Water

If your machine fills with water all the time your water level pressure switch, water inlet valve, or air dome tubing is at fault. This is experienced by 1% of washing machine owners.


  1. Machine Drains as Fast as it Fills

This problem is a direct result of a fault in the pressure switches. Only 1% of machines will have this issue in their lifespan.


  1. Tepid Water

Tepid water is caused by the inlet hose or its related switch and will need professional repairs to fix. This is only experienced by 1% of washing machines.


Common Dryer Problems

Like washing machines, dryers are also essential appliances for homeowners, and without them, the washing process can become far more time-consuming. Listed below are seven of the most common problems you might experience, and how you can deal with them.


  1. Dryer Doesn’t Work

If the dryer doesn’t work when it is plugged in then it could be a faulty fuse, and has nothing to do with the health of your machine! You should contact an electrician to deal with this issue.

This problem can also be caused by the power cords and may result in a replacement being required.


  1. The Drying is Working but won’t Heat up

A dryer that turns on and off within five minutes usually has a thermal resistor fault. When this fuse blows it turns off to prevent the dryer overheating. You can check if this is the case by using a voltage meter to check its operation. You should also check the dryer’s time and heating element. The fuse will need to be replaced.


  1. The Dryer Vibrates Excessively and is Loud

If loud noises and vibrations come from your dryer then it is more than likely off-balance and will need to be leveled to prevent damages.


  1. Clothes Take Ages to Dry

If your clothes are taking an age to dry or are covered in lint then it may be that the lint filter needs cleaning as it is preventing the correct airflow and increase drying time. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, the issue should be resolved.


  1. Clothes Still Aren’t Drying

If the filter has been cleaned and the problem persists then it is the vent system that is to blame – usually because it has disconnected itself, or has become clogged. A bristle brush will work wonders to clean out the vent and remove clogs. Alternatively, a leaf blower can work too.


  1. A Mystery Problem

If you’ve ruled all the likely culprits out, then you’ll need to turn to your operating manual. If you don’t have this to hand you can gain the information you need by going on the manufacturer’s website.


  1. You’re at a Loss (Despite Reading the Manual)

You’re going to have to admit defeat on a DIY fix and call in the professionals like Dylan’s Appliance Repair of Bedford, TX. There’s no problem their team of experts can’t fix and you’re sure to find both your washing machine and dryer will work better than they ever have before!